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Pet-friendly Travel-Etiquette

Pet-friendly Travel-Etiquette

It is no fun traveling by yourself when you are constantly worried about leaving your pet behind. Multiple travelers owning pets seem to feel this way, according to Airbnb reviews and statistics collected. At the same time, only about 3% of Airbnb accommodations at a particular place actually offer pet accommodation. In fact, pet owners frequently complain about there being hardly any pet-friendly hotels.

The main reason why Airbnb hosts tend to be apprehensive about allowing pets to stay with guests is for fear of damage to property. This fear is not completely unfounded. What could change their mind, is experience with pets trained for travel. Following a guide for pet-friendy travel will ensure your furry companion knows how to behave in public places, be comfortable, and have a good time along with you.

A guide for pet-friendly travel — Pet etiquette that you need to know about

  • To begin with, you must select an accommodation that is suited to your pet. There is no sense in taking your pet to a ranch when they are not fond of other animals. You have to choose a location depending on your pet’s nature; you cannot choose a cottage in a serene location if your dog has a habit of barking a lot.
  • It is very important that your pet has an excellent house manner; so, they should be house-trained and must not scratch or chew, should be quiet when ordered to be so, and should not run amok in the room, toppling and breaking things that are in the way. It is important that other guests are not disturbed because you have a pet with you.
  • Some people may be terribly scared of dogs, or even allergic to them. In such a situation, if your dog is left unattended and prone to barking, they may disturb hotel guests. You need to ensure that your pet will not rush towards others or jump on people unless they are fine with it.
  • Even the best-behaved pets can show abnormal behavior when put in unfamiliar surroundings. So, you should make sure they are under your control all the time. In case your hotel does allow dogs to roam around without a leash, you must ensure that he/she is obedient enough to come back when called.
  • No matter how well-behaved your dog is, they can cause an accident to happen. And in such a situation, you have to take responsibility for it. So, you on your part have to respect the hotel’s pet policies. In case you have some reservations about a policy, you should ideally discuss it with the manager first before booking your stay.
  • You need to always pick up once your dog has defecated. For this, you have to keep your own bags handy. It is also your duty to make sure that the rooms you have booked are free from excess fur and dirty paw prints.

This guide to pet-friendly travel can help you out in many difficult situations. While it is your vacation too, you are the one responsible for keeping your pets safe and making sure that they do not disturb any of the other guests. No matter how much you love your pet and wish to take them along with you, it is not a good idea when your pet is very nervous or susceptible to temperature changes, or not well-trained enough. In such cases, it is best to leave him with a reliable sitter at home.

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