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10 Green Hybrid Pickup Truck Options

10 Green Hybrid Pickup Truck Options

It’s unusual to believe that something as big and bulky as a pickup truck would be appealing to many. But environmentalists will be happy that popular automakers are introducing green options for pickup trucks that are emission free and still manage to provide the same muscle and utility offered by the traditional ones. Hybrid pickup trucks are green options that offer better fuel efficiency and offer torque and towing capacity way better than the traditional counterparts. Let us take a look at the advantages of owning a hybrid pickup truck.

Hybrid pickup trucks run in a combination of gas and electricity, the emission is less compared to the traditional only gas counter parts.

Government might have stopped incentives on the usage of hybrid vehicles but vehicles with the plugin technology still have federal tax credits for their usage. There sizable rebates also in some parts of the country for using eco-friendly pickup trucks.

While braking when driving a hybrid a pickup truck, most of the energy produced is caught and fed to the battery. This increases the charge available to the electric motor. This also increases the fuel usage as there is less consumption of the fuel. It is called regenerative braking and this procedure extends the life of the battery.

Fuel Economy
With excellent fuel efficiency, hybrid pickup trucks reduce the owner’s dependency on fossil fuels and gas at bay thus keeping a check on the gasoline prices.

Hybrid pickup trucks are constructed on lightweight material and engines that weigh lesser than the traditional ones and hence hybrid pickup trucks if not deliberately made heavy for the heavy duty are always way lesser than the traditional pickups.

Engine Size
Hybrid pickup trucks are equipped with multiple motors and hence the load is shared by multiple engines. As a result, the gasoline engines used in the pick up trucks are smaller in size, they are lightweight and efficient.

Noise Emission
When it comes to operation of the vehicle when an electric motor is compared to a traditional motor, the noise emission is minimal or none. As a result, the operation is noiseless and is very environment friendly especially in urban areas where the average decibel reading is above normal.

Resale Value
Hybrid pickup trucks, because of the technology used, retain a higher value in the used car business. Selling a hybrid car will fetch more and the owner will be able to recoup a higher percentage of the original investment.

Hybrid pickup trucks are usually not made for speed and the overall acceleration can lag when compared to the gas operated traditional ones. However, the latest models of hybrid pickup trucks offered by Ford and other manufacturers have a very good acceleration, sometimes even better than the only gas operated ones.

Engine Lifespan
Traditional engines have moving parts that wear and tear over a period of time after usage. Electric motors have minimal moving parts reducing the wear and tear and thus increasing the lifespan of the main engine making it one of the greener options over traditional pickup trucks.

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