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4 Tips for Pet-Friendly Travel

4 Tips for Pet-Friendly Travel

Traveling with your pet is the one thing that pet lovers always love. However, many hotels do not accommodate pets, but with an increasing number of people choosing to travel with their furry friends, this trend is changing. More and more hotels are becoming pet-friendly, so if you have a pet, go ahead and book a trip for both of you. At the same time, to ensure that you and your furry friend have a wonderful vacation, it is essential to follow certain tips for booking a pet-friendly hotel and traveling with your pet:

Know the hotel pet policies in advance
Being well aware of the hotel policies is the most important tip for booking a pet-friendly hotel when traveling. Most hotels have a clear set of rules and regulations, and knowing these is essential for you to ensure a hassle-free vacation. Research about the hotel you choose to ensure a comfortable and fun stay for both you and your pet. From the rules about pet-designated areas to the safety considerations that you are supposed to follow when traveling with a pet, there are various policies that you should be fully aware of to avoid any last-minute hassles on your trip.

Keep the pet on a leash
Whether or not it is stated in the hotel pet policies, it is wise to keep your pet on a leash during the stay to ensure the safety of the pet and those around you. Also, it has been found that keeping the pet on a leash is a surefire way to prevent any destructive behavior. Always leash your canine companion when you’re out in the hotel premises so that you enjoy a relaxing vacation. Additionally, you can put an ID tag on the leash and collar for the pet’s safety if they wander off.

Ensure that the pet is free of fleas
Pet-friendly hotels usually have a strict policy about fleas and ticks as they can prove to be quite harmful to other guests. Before traveling, it is highly recommended to check whether your pet is infested with fleas or ticks. If so, you should consult a vet and give your pet the right medication to get rid of these pesky critters that harm your pets and also those around them. Also, take preventative measures well before and during your stay. Keep in mind that leaving ticks and fleas behind in the room after checking out may leave a bad impression.

Do not leave your pet alone
One of the must-follow tips for pet-friendly travel and stay in hotels, ensure that you follow this as your pets tend to get anxious in a strange environment and may end up acting erratically if left alone. To prevent any such episode, it is best to always stay with your pet. Also, it is not safe for the pet to be left alone in a hotel, and a lot of hotels have strong policies in place for it.

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