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Mascara Tips from Beauty Professionals

Mascara Tips from Beauty Professionals

As kids, we have all tried on our mother’s makeup at some point of time or the other and felt a great thrill when it came to experimenting with a lip gloss or eyeliner. Teens, venturing into a new phase of life, tend to be especially enthusiastic about trying out new makeup products, if only for the snapshots they will take.

Instead of just letting them founder, teaching them about using the eyeliner properly or reading mascara tips from beauty professionals is probably the best thing to do when they are starting out. That way they will not experiment with methods that are not good for their skin, or put on makeup in a way they would dislike or feel bad in. Mascaras are probably a girl’s best friend because it gives beautiful results with minimal effort and is one of the frontrunners of the no-makeup makeup look. The best part is that correctly applied mascara can completely change your look.

Mascara tips from beauty professionals for teen girls:

  • One of the most useful mascara tips from beauty professionals is identifying the different types of mascara — there are those which give major volume, those for overall better-looking lashes, and those which make the lash look much more curled. While the first look can be achieved by buying a voluminous mascara from any reputed cosmetic brand, the second is about getting clean and separated lashes, with each one being emphasized. The third type ensures the lashes aren’t clumped together at all and the wand makes the lashes curl upwards that bit more.
  • Secondly, you need to guide your teen daughter in choosing the right formula for a mascara. For instance, a waterproof one is great if they are likely to spend the day out and might have a dance or swim class later on. If there is a party to go to later in the day, you can curl the lashes and apply waterproof mascara right after; this will hold the curls longer. Tubing is not recommended for the summers as they create water-resistant coatings that will only come off with very warm water. This type of formula is best for people whose mascaras get smudged very fast or who want a hassle-free removal process. The third variety has little fibers in them which can add volume, looking much like real lashes. This type is best for girls with very thin eyelashes.
  • It is also important to check out the wand; unlike other types of makeup, the mascara is not only about the right formula. The material and shape of its wand will tell you much about how it can perform. When the wand is fat, the effects are dramatic, while a smaller wand will give a natural look. Spiky wands deliver spidery effects and the s-shaped ones are good for catching your lash’s outer ends, giving a cat-eye effect. Plastic wands are ideal for creating well-defined lashes while the traditional wire wand will produce diverse effects, depending on how the bristles are cut. The more recent rubber wands offer a clump-free look.
  • Finally, just like any other makeup that you do, preparation is needed to get a flawless application. The key to getting a good application is curling; it is necessary to pump once near the base, again in the middle, and finally once more for a voluptuous look. Any other eye makeup must also be done before your daughter applies mascara.

Since it is a simple product, it can be very easy to go wrong with this cosmetic and put too much product or not enough. Taking mascara tips from beauty professionals can go a long way in getting those film-worthy lashes that frame the eyes perfectly!

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