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Nail Polish Trends for Spring 2020

Nail Polish Trends for Spring 2020

There’ something to be said about the delicate sensibilities of a person sporting a classic French manicure at high-tea but times are such that nobody bats an eyelid if the same person turns up in neon nails for the night. Nails are now not just an afterthought and meant to be kept cut short and basic all the time. They can be the highlight of an otherwise monochromatic outfit or they can be the cherry on an already iced cake. Here are some of the different types of nail polish trends taking the fashion world by storm.

Double Dipped
French manicures are back in a big way and the latest trend that is making them stand out is the double-dipped or French moon manicure. It has the classic feature of color-blocked nail and nail tip but the lower cuticle also gets its own moon-shaped colored area. You add even more interest to the French moon area by making it not so moon-shaped. A partial flower that looks like it is tucked in there would be a great idea to match different types of nail polish trends this spring.

Holographic Finishes
The traditional spring/summer pastels have been enjoying the addition of shimmer. But now, the shimmer has been given a multi-color holographic treatment as well. Picking deep and dark colors with a finish that looks iridescent is all the rage as are top coats that give the same effect in a more subtle manner.

In a time when nail styling gets as much attention as one’s outfit, some people are going the other way to stand out. Simple shades such as the traditional pastels now have rich browns and oranges added to the mix, which are then painted in simple, classic patterns to match the outfit instead of grabbing all the eyeballs.

Artfully Striped
If two color stripes are not colorful enough for you, this seasons’ stripes in every color you like should be just right. From well-delineated stripes to arty freehand stripes, you can pick whatever catches your fancy. You can choose an entire group of colors that let you go from one outfit to the other without fearing that they would clash with your manicure.

Think back to the colorful 80s geometric prints for inspiration. Nail artists are enjoying mixing different types of nail polish trends and various geometric shapes from decades ago are now being filled in with stickers or chaotic prints, breathing in some freshness to a past style.

If you think that any of the colorful and textured nail trends are a little too much for you, just alternate the wilder patterns with solid color nails that co-ordinate with them. A matt finish will tone things down even more.

Gems and Metal accents
Crystals and stones are no longer confined to the nail surface. Different types of nail polish trends have literally ended up with gems or crystals attached to the nail. Plus, attaching metal accents to the nails is as simple as clipping them on to the nail tip or even piercing the nail tip to hold them.

One single dot on the painted nail is a very doable look. You could go with the traditional spring color palette of soft colors or use a neutral base with a high contrast dot. Or reverse the entire concept with jet black nails and a light-colored dot. This dot can be combined with any one of the French manicure styles. An asymmetrical dot would not be out of place either.

3D nails
Nail stickers and acrylic add ons are increasingly three dimensional, letting one create a mini-sculpture on each nail.

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