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Effective Methods for Smoking Cessation

Effective Methods for Smoking Cessation

Smoking is an addictive lifestyle habit for many and contributes to at least one in five deaths worldwide. The leading smoking-related causes of death include lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, these three diseases are the tip of the iceberg among other chronic smoking-related diseases.

Quitting smoking can add valuable years to your life and it’s never too late to quit. However, quitting earlier is better, and there are effective methods for smoking cessation that give real benefits. While treatments are available, let’s look at a couple of unassisted ways to quit smoking.

Go cold turkey
This method is by far the most effective way to quit smoking. Nearly 90% of individuals who attempt to kick the butt do it without any support. There are no aids, therapies, or medication involved. Though a majority of people try to quit smoking this way, it’s not the most effective method. That’s because cold turkey means abruptly withdrawing from smoking addiction and complete cessation. Only a very small percentage of people can successfully quit smoking this way. Yet, if you have the determination and the will, going cold turkey is one of the most effective methods for smoking cessation.

Set a quit date
This is yet another method commonly adopted by smokers to quit the unpleasant lifestyle habit. Make sure to pick a date that is not too far, maximum within two weeks to give yourself enough time to prepare mentally. Share this date and your resolution with your friends and family members. Then begin by thinking about all those challenges that are preventing you from quitting. Address every obstacle individually and make realistic plans to overcome them. Alternatively, it’s recommended to prepare yourself to handle withdrawal symptoms. Throughout the journey, identify all the situations and causes that trigger your cravings for a cigarette. Develop a strategy to avoid these triggers or to deal with them wholeheartedly. It’s also important to start exercising a week before the set date to avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking. Check these tips and incorporate them as effective methods for smoking cessation:

  • Inform your friends, colleagues, and family about your quit date so that they can remind you
  • Decide whether you want to go cold turkey or need any additional assistance
  • Sign up to attend a stop-smoking group
  • Throw all the cigarettes and ashtrays from your home and office
  • Keep oral substitutes handy. These include hard candy, toothpicks, straws, carrot sticks, and others
  • Seek support from someone you know who has successfully quit smoking

Stay away from family members and friends who smoke or ask them to not smoke in your presence

If you previously attempted to quit smoking, consider what worked and what did not

On the day of quitting:

  • Don’t smoke at all
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Start using NRT if you have decided to smoke one
  • Drink more water or juice and avoid alcohol
  • Avoid all situations and individuals who trigger a strong urge to smoke

Incorporating these techniques and being determined to quit smoking is a process. You can achieve results successfully by incorporating these effective methods for smoking cessation into your daily regime.

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