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Early Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Early Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a term used to describe a clinical condition leading to extreme mood swings and other symptoms. It is a continuous state of mind where one feels sad and gradually loses interest in the things that they liked earlier. It can cause a variety of emotional and even physical health issues. If left untreated, it can lead to a feeling of total despondency. As this condition worsens, it can also lead to the development of suicidal thoughts. So, it is important to understand the early warning signs of depression to help manage the condition better.
The following are some of the early signs that can be helpful in identifying the condition and prove critical in approaching a professional health care advisor to treat it:

If the feeling of sadness persists and causes negativity that spreads to all spheres of an individual’s life, it could be an early warning sign of depression. A tendency to break down into tears and a feeling of hopelessness are some other warning signs.

Loss of interest
Loss of interest in work or in things that seemed exciting earlier is also a sign of depression. Loss of interest in sex and low libido are also early warning signs of the condition.

Sleep problems
Depression can often lead to insomnia. Constant thoughts of hopelessness and worrying can make it difficult for one to sleep well at night, which, in turn, causes tiredness and sleepiness in the daytime. This can affect work and also aggravates the symptom of loss of interest.

Anxiety and tension are common symptoms of depression. Worrying about what would likely happen in the future, a feeling of panic, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, tremors, and an inability to focus are symptoms related to anxiety that can be signs of depression.

Appetite change
A depressed person may either lose interest in eating or may binge eat. Consequently, it can cause rapid weight loss or gain.

Difficulty concentrating
Another significant symptom of depression is that the affected person finds it difficult to concentrate. Due to the inability to focus on tasks and get things done, decision making also becomes difficult. Additionally, memory issues can lead to people forgetting things.

Physical ailments
Depression is a psychological disease, but it also affects the body of the individual. Due to lethargy, loss of energy, and lack of activity, various physical ailments may affect an individual.

Depression can lead to behavioral changes and causes reckless behavior that includes substance abuse, gambling, risks while driving, or indulging in dangerous sporting activities.

Thinking about death
One of the extreme signs of depression is that an individual involves themselves in constant thinking of death as a relief from all symptoms. As a result, suicidal thoughts may crop up.

It is extremely important to seek medical help immediately if any of these early warning signs of depression manifest; getting professional help and treatment can prevent the aggravation of the symptoms.

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