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Top Brand Sunglasses for Summer

Top Brand Sunglasses for Summer

We all love summer so much! Bright sunny patios and fun in the sun at the beach. However, exposure to all of that sun requires a fashionable pair of sunglasses…or maybe two to go with your warm weather style. Aside from fashion, there are several benefits from wearing sunglasses, including protection from the sun and other elements, protecting the sensitive skin around the eyes from damage and fine lines, of course, ensuring your eyes are comfortable for all of your chosen summer hobbies.

Luckily, we have a run down of some of the top brand sunglasses for summer:

1. Warby Parker Whitaker sunglasses
The Warby Parker Whitaker sunglasses are a design from cellulose acetate, which is hand polished and stainless steel. This feature ensures that you have durable sunglasses. The cellulose acetate provides an excellent capability in withstanding physical pressures since the fibers are sturdy, durable, and resistant to breaking. The screws are coated with Akulon and come with polarized lenses. The polarized lenses ensure that you can get clear and sharp images. This feature helps you to have more visual clarity and comfort. The sunglasses also come with UV protection which helps in preventing the ultraviolet rays, which may be harmful, from reaching your eyes.

2. Carrera Aviator sunglasses
Carrera Aviator sunglasses have a vibrant blend of both style, design, and unique features. It’s especially a favorite and a regular wear among athletes and sports personalities. They have non-polarized lenses within composite frames, offering a very prominent focus and confident look. They ensure 100% UV protection, ensuring that your eyes are well-protected. This feature helps eliminate the causes of macular degeneration and possible loss of sight.

3. Ray-Ban – Original Wayfarer sunglasses
These Ray-Ban sunglasses come with a solid frame made from acetate. It gives you the benefit of having sunglasses that are both strong and lightweight. Its polarized lenses allow for clarity and excellent contrast of images and objects. These sunglasses offer your eyes protection as they have lenses that are 100% UV resistant. The sunglasses come in varying colors and frames with different sizes to select a perfect fit. The beautiful thing about these sunglasses is that they are unisex; hence there is no gender disparity.

4. Oakley – Split Shot rectangular sunglasses
These sunglasses have a unique design for your comfort during the period of use. They have unobtainium nose pads to help eliminate any discomfort when wearing them. They also enhance the grip to provide you with a secure fit. These sunglasses offer you high definition optics to ensure that you have a vision that is sharp while maximizing clarity. Its frames come injected with molded thermoplastic for durability and are also lightweight. The lenses have 100% UV protection, filtering and have PRIZM lens technology integrated to improve contrast and color.

5. Moscot – Dov round frame gold tone sunglasses
These brand name sunglasses are handcrafted and have a slim shape with metallic gold-tone frames. The frames are round in form and are designed for durability and comfort and come in different sizes. They have 100%UV protection features, with the lens having a green color.
The frame also includes silicone nose pads to help with the fit and also increase your comfort when using the sunglasses. The temples are made of stainless steel for durability with a very comfortable and detailed filigree saddle nose bridge.

When purchasing the sunglasses, you need to consider such factors as the fit, since you need sunglasses that are not too tight, making you feel uncomfortable or too loose either. Consider durability since this means you get enough service and value for your money. The levels of polarization, the color of the lens, the strength of the hinges, and the level of protection are factors you should always consider. We hope the information assists you in selecting the best sunglasses for both style and sun protection.

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