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Hot Footwear Trends in 2020

Hot Footwear Trends in 2020

Footwear trends change every season, with models strutting news designer styles on the fashion runways. However, fashion has a cyclical nature, and certain trends and styles from the past are getting new life in spring and summer 2020. For example, boho-inspired colorful suede boots that were the height of fashion in the 1970s are making a big comeback, as well as wedge shaped espadrilles were first popularized by French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, in the 1940s.

Let’s look at the hottest footwear trends for this season:

1. Knee high boots
Though shoe trends come and go, the popularity of knee-high boots has stood the test of time. This type of boots has a lot to offer. They are warm, elegant, stylish, and universal. In 2020 designers got inspired by the equestrian theme and presented flat or low-heeled knee-high boots. The most popular colors are beige, brown, black, and orange.

2. Platform running shoes
Those who like sport footwear and would like to look a little bit more extravagant will definitely like the new 2020 trend; platform running shoes. They are good-looking, stylish, and can be paired with almost any type of clothing. They are suitable not only for running but also for work, shopping, and any casual wear.

3. Colorful suede boots
Many famous designers presented their collections of suede boots for Fall 2020. These colorful boots are for those boot lovers who are planning fun weekends and want a little wow. They are also great for casual wear and can be paired with jeans or leggings.

4. Heeled loafers
Loafers had been popular for the last couple of years. Fashion lovers like these shoes for their unique look, traditional shoe silhouette, and comfort. In 2020 designers made them more elegant and elevated by adding different types of heels. You can see heels loafers in the collections of Prada, Michael Kors, Marc Fisher, and others.

5. Bright colored sneakers
Sneakers in pinks, greens, neon yellows and oranges are all over the streets, in fashion magazines, and on celebrities’ feet. The best thing about these bright sneakers is that they go pretty much with anything and even make the look more fashionable.

6. Espadrilles
Espadrilles are going to be top shoes in spring and summer 2020. While they are not new and have been quite popular over the last couple of years, in 2020 designers offered different versions of them with such elements as ankle straps, aforementioned platforms, and wedges.

7. Footwear with chain accents
Shoes and boots with chain accents appeared in almost all collections of famous designers on spring 2020 runaways. The chain brings an unexpected sparkle to shoe collection by making shoes look more elegant and unique.

8. New Flip-Flops
If you still think that flip-flops are rubbery footwear for a beach or swimming pool, there is good news for you. In 2020, flip-flops will be modified and become fashionable, trendy, and stylish shoes that can be worn on different types of occasions. This year flip-flops are made of leather, fabric, and other types of materials. Designers also added such elements as heels and straps to make them look more elegant.

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