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Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Cover

Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Cover

A car cover is an accessory that is often ignored by most car owners. Little does anyone understand the importance of a car cover and the risks involved if a car is left exposed without a good cover. Not many car owners know which car cover to opt for, depending on the location and the place where the car is parked.

The right car cover can help the car keep its outer paint coat beautiful for a longer period of time.

There are many car covers available in the market at very affordable rates, making it a dilemma for buyers to go for the one that suits them. However, buying a cover becomes easier if one understands the basics. Let us take a look at some important things to keep in mind that can serve as helpful tips before buying a car cover.

Certain car covers can scratch the surface of your car
What differentiates a good car cover from a poor car cover is the fabric and the lining used in it. A good car cover is often a fleece and has a soft lining, which does not cause any abrasion to the car body. A good car cover in fact prevents any scratch or paint chipping away.

Ensure that your car cover is breathable
Covering a car in any situation depends on how breathable the fabric of the car cover is. It is important to cover the car with a breathable cover so that the water that is trapped inside gets evaporated and the fabric protects any water from getting in. This saves the car from molds, rust, and formation of mildew.

Check the material of the car cover
Understanding about the different materials used for a car cover is an important tip before buying one. Car covers are made out of different material and sometimes a combination of these materials, depending on the purpose.

Polyethylene, commonly known as plastic, is the most common material used as the outer layer of a car cover. Plastic is waterproof material and is flexible and tough. Polyethylene also can keep the dust from settling on the body of the car, thus preventing the car body from scratches.

There are some car covers that are made up of a layer of aluminum. These covers help protect the vehicle by reflecting away the harmful ultraviolet rays. Aluminum also prevents overheating of the car. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays not only damages the paint job but also the interiors of the car. This can be controlled using an aluminum coated car cover.

How to install a car cover?
This is an important question. Almost every car cover is very easy to install. Usually it involves unfolding the cover and lining it up to the vehicle. You then have to toss it on the car and align it over the trunk and the bonnet. Most of the car covers come with the space for the wing mirror too so one can use that also as a reference to cover the car.

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