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The Most Economical Cars of 2020

The Most Economical Cars of 2020

The top compact cars of 2020 can be seen in a number of categories of sedans, hatchbacks, hybrid, electrical, sports utility etc. Compact cars are always in demand in the country. With the market expanding quickly, it can be said that more and more people in the country are opting for hatchbacks and sedans these days.

The rapid increase of turnover during the last three years has brought the idea of compact cars to a different level. Statistics suggest that 80% of people in the country enjoy riding in compact cars. Let us look at the most economical compact cars of 2020.

Genesis G70 Coupe
The G70 Coupe can be said to be the mini version of a sedan. It is one of the most anticipated top compact cars of 2020. The base level cars have a 2l turbocharged 4 cylinder V6 engine with a horsepower of 252, and the highest model comes with standard features like rear wheel drive, 6 speed manual gear. There is an all wheel drive that comes as an option and an 8 speed automatic gear transmission that can be an add on from the 6 speed gear. The sporty look will still remain the same.

Volkswagen Golf
The 2020 Golf comes with a tweaked design and interiors, and has as a number of add on features. The standard engine remains the same. The infotainment system is the main attraction, having an 8.5 to 10 inch display with travel assistance features, lane sensors, Bluetooth, wifi, among several other features.

One of the best sound insulated compact cars of 2020. The Mazda3 has a powertrain technology that helps build fuel efficiency gradually. This helps in an extremely comfortable ride on city roads and off road too. The Mazda3 is priced at around $21,500, while the hatchback comes with a price tag of $23,600.

Alfa Romeo GTV
The GTV provides enough leg room, and is known for its looks. It comes with a horsepower of 600 and a 2.9L twin turbo V6 engine. The base model has a two-wheel drive, but the top end version comes with a 4 wheel drive.

Toyota Corolla
The Toyota Corolla is equipped with a 4 cylinder engine that comes with a horsepower of 168. This car is one of the best looking compact cars of 2020 priced at $19,500. While opting for the Corolla, users can choose between 6 speed manual transmission and an efficient 10 speed gear with paddle shifters.

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