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5 Amazing Car Accessories for a Road Trip

5 Amazing Car Accessories for a Road Trip

A camping trip in a National Park, some 250 miles away, with friends and family. Bonfire, barbeque, smores, hot chocolate, music, chatter in a secluded spot with nature as a companion, under the starry night sky. Summertime dreams of a fun vacation would entail all the above mentioned. Families hop into their SUVs or RVs and hit the highways in search of such spots where they can camp and have fun. It could be a fishing trip, along the river banks, a forest hike in the middle of nowhere, or just a weekend of being one with nature and literature. It sounds like so much fun, and of course, it is even more fun because it is a road-trip. The long winding roads, playful talks, games, snacking and music. It is definitely a wholesome vacation. What could make this more fun? Having all the right accessories and requirements in the car to make it a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Here are some great car accessories for family-friendly road trips.

Automatic Pro Adapter
A smart driving assistant with constant 3G connectivity and wide application gallery, it can track the car, call emergency services and diagnose the engine lights that blink on the dashboard. This device can be plugged into the OBD-II port of any car manufactured after ‘96.

Smart Safety Tire Monitor
This monitor can be connected to the smartphone and the tire pressure can be monitored in real-time. The monitor is programmed with the AccuTemp algorithm which detects slow leaks in the tire’s air pressure and immediately notifies the driver. These monitors also have an in-built USB port to charge other gadgets as well as an anti-theft locking system.

Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker
This compact coffee maker fits into the cup holder of the car. It works with ground coffee as well as ESE pods to give you coffee that is as good as any of the best coffee shops in the country. It can be plugged into the cigarette lighter and uses energy from that to make the coffee. One of the best investments if you are someone who goes on long drives in your car and would like to keep your coffee mug full at all times.

Windshield Sun Shade
Whether it is to keep the interior temperature of your car a little cooler or for extra privacy, the windshield sunshade is a good product. It is available in different sizes ensuring proper fit and is exceptionally convenient to store. It is nice to have something that serves multiple purposes, and this is one of those products. It can block out the summer heat and protect the interior from UV rays. It can also keep curious eyes off your personal belongings. This is a purchase worth its while.

Document Holder
When on a road trip, sometimes you find yourselves in an unsavory situation like getting pulled over for speeding or in an accident. During such situations keeping your documents handy is important. A document holder helps in keeping the documents in one place, thereby, reducing the frustration of having to search for it. This is one of the niftiest car accessories for family-friendly road trips.

Every small idea can make a huge difference in making the trip fun and fabulous. All it takes is some planning and some car accessories for family-friendly road trips.

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